How a personal injury attorney can help with your own insurance company after an accident?

Having insurance coverage offers us great relief and contentment. When we get involved in a personal injury accident, we often look to our insurance company to financially back us. It’s often true in the case of a car accident that the victim did not cause. But the hard truth is that the insurance companies are more focused on making profits. To keep their profit margin high, they prefer not to pay the maximum settlement amount to the injured party. Most insurance companies try to devalue the claim or reject the compensation lawsuit. Most personal injury attorneys Virginia work with clients who are suffering because their insurance company denied their claim. Getting help from a qualified personal injury lawyer is the best way to prevent oneself from falling into an insurance company’s trap.

What happens after a typical wreck?

If you are insured under UM/UIM, collision coverage, or medpay policy, the insurance company can either choose to settle your claim in full, discredit your claim, or pay you a reduced sum. When insurance company outright rejects your claim or devalues the compensation amount, it’s referred to as bad faith insurance.

Moreover, most insurance companies take a lot of time before responding to a policy holder’s quires. Some insurance agencies ask the policyholder to present documents and paperwork before presenting a settlement amount. It’s common for insurance companies to reject the medical report and ask to get a medical examination done by a specific doctor. Dealing with the insurance company while looking after your injuries, piled-up medical bills, and debts can be exhausting.

At times when the insurance company acts in bad faith, there are only a few things an injured person can do. If you are familiar with personal injury law, you might consider hiring an attorney.

So, how can a personal injury lawyer help you with the insurance company after an accident?

Dealing with the insurance company on your own can be taxing. And not to mention, you might fail to get the compensation that you deserve. Moreover, working with an insurance company without any legal backing can make you susceptible to mistakes. Even the slightest mistake like not getting a proper medical examination soon after the accident can weaken your claim. Since personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling insurance claims, they know how to approach such cases. They will guide with every step of the way to ensure you get a fair settlement. If need be, your lawyer may also take the insurance company to court and put them on trial. Before approaching the insurance company, the attorney uses their resources and assets to research the case. They thoroughly review the insurance policies to determine what coverage you are entitled to. During the research process, the attorney also calculates the actual amount of damages caused due to the accident. This includes the damage to the property, loss in wages, medical bills, physical and mental trauma, etc. Most personal injury lawyers also help when clients don’t receive the compensation as promised by the insurance company.